About Me

Scott Rohlfs has exploded on to the scene of the contemporary surrealist figurative art movement since he began exhibiting his works in 2006. Born in Anchorage Alaska and raised in Northern California, Rohlfs was an accomplished and gifted artist from a young age. As a maturing adolescent, he discovered his distinct style and fondness for painting deeply personal subject matter. With the help of his supporting family he was able to devote his passion of painting to a full time career. His innate passion for expressing mood and emotion on canvas and wood along with his mastery of technique in the airbrush was soon recognized, in the United States and abroad. Rohlfs has been acclaimed as an exceptional talent, praised for his authentic portraiture. His stylized and sometimes tattooed subjects catapulted him into the heart of the Pop Surrealist movement. His distorted realism drew attention from established artists, collectors, and galleries in the US and UK and immediately propelled Rohlfs to the forefront of a burgeoning art movement. Rohlfs’s stunning portraits have attracted an audience of collectors who treasure owning a rare, truly unique work of art. While his femme fatale portraits mature in style and intensity, they retain his signature ethereal quality that embodies an undeniably feminine force. His portraits always capture elusive moments in the artist's individual perception and experience, viewed through his imaginative lens. Scott now lives and paints in San Diego, CA with his beautiful fiance Melissa.